My Stingray City and Bioluminescent Bay Experience

It was that time of year, I was trying to decide where I wanted to go on vacations, and I wanted something different this time around. I usually know exactly where I want to go or at least have a few different options, however, this year was different, and I was not sure exactly where I wanted to visit so I started looking into various interesting vacation spots.

I found a few places that would have liked to visit, however, one place stood out from the rest and really caught my attention and that was a trip to Stingray City and Bioluminescent Bay Cayman Islands. I had never traveled anywhere that offered an attraction like this. I saw that there was even an option for a night kayak trip on this bay and after looking over my vacation options, I decided that this was not something I could pass up so I was traveling to the Cayman Islands.

During my Stingray City and Bioluminescent Bay experience I was able to enjoy a half a half day adventure in which I was whisked away on a customized speedboat and taken to visit the world-famous Stingray City Grand Cayman, here I was able to swim with and hand feed the stingrays as well as enjoy the sight of hundreds of bright fish as I snorkeled around the vibrant barrier reef. Other interesting experiences include hiking on the bluff in Cayman Brac and paddle boarding.

The Barrier Reef was the second stop and here I enjoyed more snorkeling that allowed me to admire the vast marine life of the area. It was great to see that those who did not have experience with snorkeling or who did not feel confident swimming were offered life jackets and we were all briefed by the guides on snorkeling. There was also the option of staying on board and enjoying some relaxing and complimentary drinks which were refreshing.

Our third destination was Starfish Point which is a stretch of isolated beach found on the north side of Grand Cayman. Here I observed the dozens of starfish and was even able to hold them and photograph them. Not only was it a beautiful experience, it was so unique and I unlike anything I had ever done before.

We moved on to the fourth stop which was at s secluded beach called Rum Point, I soon found out it was the home of some of the best drinks the Grand Cayman have to offer. I was able to explore the local area, snap lots of pictures and enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Rum Point restaurant. There were a quaint beach bar, a souvenir shop, and bathroom facilities so I was set.

The last stop was at the mangrove forest where our guides explained the vital role the ecosystem plays in protecting the coastline of the Caymans as well as how the local fish populations are impacted by the mangroves. I was very lucky to see the immense variety of birds that live in the mangroves, I saw herons and egrets and even a rare Cayman parrot.

It was so much fun; the tour was not overly packed so I did not have to deal with crowds and was able to have a great time. The guides and personnel were all professional and friendly guaranteeing that I will definitely be going back for another Stingray City and Bioluminescent Bay experience.